Things to do in Aylesbury

Aylesbury is filled with fun, food and a lot of things to do. From the famous Waddesdon Manor to the Wendover Woods, there’s something for everyone when visiting Aylesbury. A few of the must-do things you can’t miss during your visit include:

Waddesdon Manor

Do you like beautiful manors that have a way of making time stop? Waddesdon Manor brings visitors back to a time when the Rothschild family was at their peak.

The manor was built by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild, and it took nine years to complete. The completion in 1885 allowed him to display his immense art collection and entertain the world’s elite.

Today, hundreds of thousands of people visit the manor to get a glimpse into the life of the wealthy.

The Rothschild Foundation maintains the building, and they’ve ensured every visitor has an exciting story to go home and tell after their visit. When at the manor, you’ll be able to:

  • Tour the house (only open part of the year)
  • Visit the grounds
  • Walk the gardens
  • Visit the Flint House
  • Walk to Windmill Hill
  • Visit the aviary
  • Take tours
  • Eat at the Five Arrows

There are a variety of events that go on throughout the year at the manor, too. Events change often, so make sure that you check the official website for what’s on before visiting.

Ground tickets cost £10 for adults, £5 for children and £25 for a family. House tickets cost £20 for adults, £10 for children and £45 for a family.

Wendover Woods

Wendover Woods is a national park and forest. This is a great location to enjoy the outdoors, and walking paths greet visitors that want to stretch their legs after a long car or plane ride. Cycling paths are available for visitors that want to feel the breeze rush through their hair as they cycle around an enchanting forest.

There are five easy trails available for walking.

An 8-mile family trail is available for cycling and brings visitors through climbs and descents as they enjoy the picturesque scenery.

Barbeque stands can be reserved, and there are first come, first serve options, too. These stands provide the ideal place to gather and eat with friends and family.

Play parks keep kids busy, and there are toilets, too. A café is on the premise for anyone that builds up an appetite after a long walk in the woods.

Coombe Hill

Coombe Hill is a brilliant walk, and it’s another wildlife experience that you don’t want to miss during your stay in Aylesbury. Coombe Hills is the highest viewpoint in the Chilterns range of hills, and it stands 852 feet above sea level.

Part of the national trust, the hill is surrounded by 106 acres of pristine land.

The monument stands at the top of the hill where you’ll be able to look over and view the Aylesbury Vale. The monument is a dedication to the men that lost their lives during the Boer War.

The area consists of 30 different species of wildflower and 28 species of butterfly.

A picnic area is available close to the car park, and it’s a short one mile walk to Coombe Hill.

Claydon House

The Claydon House is a historical landmark. The home has a rich past. There was once a rotunda and an additional wing with a ballroom attached to the home which was demolished in 1791.

Renovations were performed on the home in the 18th century.

And the home’s structure and interior is primarily in the 18th century style. Lord Verney built the home on a grand scale to rival the Stowe. The home is unlike others in the National Trust.

Replica costumes are available to try on, and there are places where guests can sit and relax.

Velvet ropes aren’t part of the home, allowing guests to sit on sofas and chairs. Nearly all rooms have had their velvet ropes removed for guests to enjoy the home the same way that Lord Verney did.

The first floor contains a museum room, which includes ancient silk slippers, stuffed birds and a suit. Numerous objects from the Crimean wars are present, and even musical instruments are present in the room.

Florence Nightingale famously stayed at the Claydon House, and kids can lay on the same bed she did during her stay. Friendly volunteers are also present in the home to help provide an entertaining, fun learning experience for the entire family.